The employees of Somerset Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. are also the founders and owners of the business and, as such, have a greater dedication to providing the clients seen here with outstanding service. Each of our practitioners manages their own clients from initial evaluation through the final fitting and delivery of the completed device. Our practitioners personally fabricate each artificial limb or orthotic support prescribed for an individual client. There are no technicians involved in the cast modification process, design or fabrication of these devices. Keeping all aspects of client care in the hands of the certified practitioner allows our office staff to maintain the highest level of quality in the finished product. We are also open to accepting unique challenges. Our staff members are animal advocates and have been called upon on occasion to assist them with their physical challenges. Several pets owned by clients have been treated by one of our staff orthotists who designed and provided not only a custom canine knee (stifle) support (brace) for ligament instability but other canine supports as well. Prosthetic and orthotic challenges for our animal friends are treated with the same care and compassion shown to our human clientele.

We have treated many physical conditions which include but are not limited to amputations, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio, scoliosis, stroke (CVA), circulatory issues and post mastectomy care. Our clients range from infants through adolescents, adults and seniors. High activity level custom prosthetic limbs and custom knee supports are available for those who pursue activities such as motocross, skiing, baseball, basketball, football, hockey and lacrosse.

The services which we offer include, but are not limited to custom artificial limbs, custom orthopedic knee supports for ligament instabilities as well as osteoarthritic conditions, custom diabetic shoes, custom foot orthotics, custom and off the shelf ankle-foot orthoses (AFO), custom knee ankle-foot-orthoses (KAFO) and spinal orthoses for various problems including scoliosis. Compression stockings, sports orthotics and custom fracture orthoses are available as well.

Our evaluations are offered at a minimal cost to the client. We welcome the opportunity to fill your prosthetic or orthotic needs and look forward to meeting with those whom we can assist with the rehabilitation process.